Joyas is a story about passion and fashion, which began in 2016. Starting from the idea that the style is a way of life, profoundly personal and always exciting, we created a brand designed for the shoes lovers and elegance lovers, whose main purpose is to offer a unique experience to all the women. Inspired by the most popular trends on the international fashion scene, characterized by a perfect quality and daring approaches, the Joyas shoes tell the story of the feminine charm in a completely new manner.

Each and every pair of shoes by Joyas represents a creation 100% handmade, from the best quality materials and textures. Carefully chosen and combined with the greatest attention, our materials are transformed by the magic hands of the professionals into gorgeous shoes, meant to reflect the unique personality of every woman, in Bucharest, Romania.

The delivery of a unique experience allows us the luxury to give to each and every pair of shoes until two weeks for manufacturing. Thus, every creation becomes a story about refinement, patience, quality, passion and femininity

Joyas gives you the opportunity to become your own designer and to create your dream-shoes, because one of our main purposes is to give to every woman her dream shoes. We create personalized models, be it from your iamgination, or made to order measures, so that you can feel incredible. 

Live with us the great experience of the perfect style!