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A symbol of femininity and one of our favorite accessories in the cold season, long women's boots are definitely found in our wardrobes dedicated to the cold season. Unlike short ladies' boots, long boots are more spectacular because they offer a sophisticated and sensual allure that helps us give our confidence a boost that we definitely need, no matter what the context.

Today, over the knee boots are present in a variety of designs and styles, so it's impossible not to identify at least one model that will fascinate you at first glance. The Joyas leather knee high boots are distinguished by the originality of the design, the quality of the leather from which they are manufactured and the special attention we give to the details.

The long Joyas leather boots are 100% handmade and very durable. Besides the models you can identify in our online store, we also offer you the opportunity to create a pair of customized long boots, according to the design you want. If you want a made to order pair of over the knee boots, please contact us by phone, email or chat on our website to let us know all the details.

In the online shop you can now order long, high-heeled boots in vibrant colors or long leather boots with low sole in simple colors. We offer models of long leather suede or box leather boots, according to your preferences, and we guarantee that you will enjoy a great accessory, thanks to which you will be admired every moment you choose to wear it.